Fundraiser with
GRAMMY Award-Winning Country Artist John Berry

December 8, 2018 7:30 PM | Greenville
Tickets on Sale Starting September 15

You don't want to miss our fabulous Christmas fundraiser with well-known country artist John Berry. Join us for a night of music and fun! Tickets can be purchased starting September 15th at 9 am.  Purchase Tickets OR stop by Chemical Bank Greenville Branch to purchase your ticket with cash or check made out to Have Mercy.


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We believe no child should live in a car 

Have Mercy - Homeless 

Your donation can help us support homeless families in crisis.

Are you with us?”


Our Mission is to reflect the compassion of Christ to homeless families in Montcalm and Ionia counties.

Our Purpose is to keep these families together and off the street while helping them solve the issues that led them to homelessness. 

Our Vision is that all homeless families in Montcalm and Ionia counties have access to temporary shelter, food and the assistance needed to rebuild their lives. 



Not Just in Big Cities. . . . . .

  • Families with children make up half of the homeless population (Ending Homelessness in Michigan)
  • 194,301 homeless children in America in 2015 ( baby.jpg
  • The average age of a homeless child is 7.6 years old. (Michigan’s Campaign to End Homelessness)
  • Michigan is ranked 5th in the US and 1st in the Midwest for number of homeless residents. (Source: HUD Annual Homeless Assessment, 2008)
  • Estimated 99,975 people were homeless in Michigan in 2015 (Ending Homelessness in Michigan)past glory.jpg
    • 57,386 of them were on the streets or living in a shelter
  • Job loss is the #1 reason for homelessness; it’s the direct cause for 35% of homelessness
    • Alcohol and drug use is only responsible for 9% of homelessness
  • Senior homeless population has grown significantly, 13% increase between 2013-2014 and a 9% increase from 2014-2015 (Ending Homelessness in Michigan)
  • Veteran homelessness had decreased by 14% 2014-2015 vet.jpg
  • 34,040 people exited the homeless service system into permanent and stable housing. (Ending Homelessness in Michigan)
  • 13.1% of people are hungry… 33% of food is wasted!eating.jpg
  • More than 1 out of 3 homeless youth engage in survival sex (national sexual violence resource center 2014)
  • There are 550,000 homeless young people per year; homelessness lasting more than one week (national sexual violence resource center 2014)








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