Why do we do this crazy, stressful, heartbreaking work?


That’s a great question. Because this work IS stressful and unbelievably heartbreaking at times.

The only way I can answer that question so that it makes sense is with a parable called the Star Thrower. You may have already heard it. The story goes something like this:

An old man was walking on the beach one day after a storm when he came across a young boy throwing something out into the ocean. Then the boy would bend down, pick something up, and throw it in the ocean. He did it time after time after time.

As the old man got closer, he saw that the beach was full of stranded starfish that the storm had pushed up onto the sand. Now that the tide was retreating, the starfish left on the sand were doomed to death.

The young boy was picking up the starfish and throwing them back into the ocean as fast as he could, valiantly fighting to save their lives. The old man could see it was hopeless. “Son” he said to the boy, “why are you wasting your time? There are too many of them to save. What could it possibly matter?”

The young boy bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it into the ocean. “Well” he replied. “It mattered to that one.”

And that’s why we work tirelessly each day to help our homeless neighbors. At times – like today – we are completely overwhelmed at the need for shelter. Our resources are far too small to take on the number of people that need our help. There are far too many of them. What could it possibly matter?

To the guy at the library tonight, with no winter coat and who hasn’t eaten in two days. . . . well, it mattered to that one.  And it matters to each of the people we are able to help.

You see, each of us is loved and valued by our Creator.  Because we matter to Him, we need to also matter to one another.  And because of that, we are Star Throwers. 

Thank you to everyone that donates to help us help those in need. You're Star Throwers too.


Kim Cain
Executive Director
Have Mercy

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