The following videos and articles are highlighted to help improve awareness about the many aspects of homelessness.  Please share these with others.

VIDEO:  The Real Homeless Man Experiment

Sandy is homeless and is used to how people treat him. You'll be shocked at the one thing he did that changed people's minds about him. But the most amazing surprise was the giving heart of the man at 2:11!

ARTICLE:  How Housing for the Chronically Homeless May Save Taxpayers Money


In 2010, a campaign called 100K Homes was launched by the non-profit Community Solutions with the aim of placing 100,000 chronically homeless people in permanent housing. Click here to view the article.

VIDEO:  Homeless Students in Seattle

Homeless students face a daunting task succeeding in school when their living situation is so precarious. In Washington state, more than 27,000 kids are homeless and the numbers are growing. Should Seattle Public Schools spend $1.5 million a year to provide transportation for homeless students? We examine possible solutions to this crisis and hear from homeless families and advocates. Our studio panel includes Melinda Giovengo, executive director of YouthCare; Katara Jordan, attorney with the Children & Youth Project at Columbia Legal Services; Kaaren Andrews, principal of the Interagency Academy; and Dinah Ladd, homeless liaison for Seattle Public Schools. Click here to view the video.

ARTICLE:  The Faces of Food Stamps


The bipartisan Farm Bill that President Obama signed into law on Feb. 7 [2014] will cut $8 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) over the next 10 years. Click here to view the full article.

ARTICLE:  Can a City Really 'End' Homelessness?


Phoenix says it has among veterans. Next it's aiming for the broader homeless population. Click here to view the full article

VIDEO/ARTICLE:  Many homeless people avoid shelters


Despite an influx of dangerously cold winter weather, many Oklahoma City homeless people refuse to leave their camps to stay in shelters, for a variety of reasons. Click here to view the video and full article.






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